About us

Being confined to various ideological contexts, to political borders and local idiosyncrasies, travelling the road of hard work and life achievements, people are captive in pervasive echo chambers. Master of Chess aims at awakening its readers, at tearing down the walls of ignorance for both the few and the many. 

For some distinguished readers out there, life could already resemble a chess game, with them already deploying exquisite strategies. This is partially true, as long as it implies they have already unraveled the board and the pieces, assigning parties to both black and white, beyond the veil of ignorance, beyond the grey of doubt. It is Master’s mission to help them make use of all the information available, so that they can play the game on the right side. 

Yet, for the many in the streets, those who are far and away from the state of perfect information, the pieces on the board are not even available. The lure of awakening could trouble and turn them to endless searches. For them, it is the Master’s mission to reveal the competing parties, the pawns and queens, the white and black that touches on their lives. It is science and ancient learning that would route the Master teachings along such challenges and hard studied paths. 

As in every quest, masters have their own challenges and obstacles to overpass, fighting their own daemons. It is a master’s mission to come to terms with such daemons on his / her own.