The financial sect from Tehran will destroy New York City on April 30th 2021 with a nuclear bomb  with Hydrogen of one Megatone which is launched from a Drone released from Atlantis Shuttle which is carried by Atlas Rocket.


A. THE HYDROGEN BOMB – that consists of a Plutonium Sphere of 265 kgs with a 30 cm diameter.

B. A DRONE with a diameter of 1,25 meters, the length of 8,5 meters and which is equipped with brakes on top and the wings have variable angle.

The drone is radar invisible, powered by an Energomash Russian Engine from RD series, using Kerosen and Oxigenated Water (from a very discreet footprint) and a hypersonic speed.

C. LUNAR PLATFORM – consists of:

1 . Circular frame with a diameter of 6 m and a height of 5 m (five meters).

2. Three rockets for the propulsion of the Lunar Platform.

3. Four legs for the frame.

4. Shock attenuation system when touching the Lunar surface, which is part of the Lunar platform. Since the drone (which is actually a space rocket) will carry a Hydrogen Bomb, it has to be protected by a shock attenuation system. This system which is carrying the drone on it has the role to absorb the shock caused by the impact of the Lunar platform’s legs with the Lunar soil. The drone stands on a cubic shape support, having a side of 2 m that slides with controlled speed along a rectangular vertical guiding well. 

The section of the well is square with its side size almost similar with the side of the cube, therefore making the sliding possible (with a small clearance). The cube is suspended by four cables powered  by four electric winches with reels for the cables. Therefore, the cube slides like an elevator, moving with adaptable speed meant to attenuate the shock, when touching the moon’s surface.

The pulleys for the cables are fixed on some weighing systems that measure the shock forces from moonlanding and automatically command the winches to bring down the cube with great precision for shock attenuation.


1. On Iran’s command, India transported on the Moon’s orbit by PSLV/ XL Space Rocket (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) on Nov 27th, 2019 from Satish Dhawan base:



The pretext of the mission was to place on the Earth’s orbit an observation satellite.

In reality, PSLV/ XL secretly transported on the Moon’s orbit a space capsule reiterating the mission of Chandrayaan – Vikram dated Sept 6th, 2019.

The circular frame (black colour) with a diameter of 6 m was attached to the lunar module Chandrayaan as an extension (just behind it) and they met Endeavour shuttle on the Moon’s orbit.

2. The United Launch Alliance (ULA) – Boeing and Lockhed Martin (financed by Iran through Allianz Financial Group) launched the Delta 4 Heavy Rocket with Orion Module in space. The official name of the mission was Pegasus XL and took off on Nov 20th 2019 from Courou, French Guyana, Ariane base which is also secretly financed by Iran.

The official purpose of this mission was the testing of Orion Spacecraft in order to prepare the flight to Mars, initiated by NASA and fulfilled and tested by U.L.A. The rocket that has to transport Orion to Mars, Delta 4 Heavy, is also called “Space Launch System” and officially consists of:

A. CORE STAGE – a very powerful rocket equipped with 5 main engines using liquid fuel.


In the same time, the body of Endeavour Shuttle was secretly attached to Delta 4 Heavy.

Endeavour is owned by Space X of Elon Musk, who is working for Tehran.

Since the shuttles will never come back to Earth after their secret missions (as they will be destroyed in Space), they were modified by Sierra Nevada Corporation. Thus, the wings, the altitude control and the landing gear were dismantled. This way, in their secret space missions, go only the bodies of the shuttles (Endeavour, Discovery and Atlantis).

The official configuration of Delta 4 Heavy Rocket was also modified, so that its two boosters rockets were attached to the body of Endeavour shuttle and this new formed system was also attached to the core stage of Delta 4 Heavy.

This main rocket has enough power in order to take off and transport into space Endeavour shuttle with two boosters attached.

Afterwards, Endeavour detaches from Delta 4 Heavy and heads to the Moon’s orbit. Endeavour is powered by five rocket engines, three of its own and the two booster rockets from Delta 4 Heavy.  

Endeavour shuttle secretly travelled to the Moon’s orbit carrying in its payload bay the following components:

A. FOUR ADJUSTABLE LEGS for the Lunar platform with advancing screw mechanism located at the bottom of the legs. This way, the Lunar platform is placed horizontally on the Moon.

B. THREE ROCKETS FOR THE LUNAR PLATFORM’S PROPULSION. These rockets allowed the platform to leave the Moon’s orbit, change the trajectory and land on the Moon. The kinetics of the platform is precisely controlled.


D. THE DRONE WHICH IS OFFICIALLY MADE BY THALES ALENIA UNDER THE NAME OF SPACE RIDER. The official purpose of the drone was that European Space Agency (ESA) intends to place a mini reusable space shuttle on the Earth’s orbit, launched by an European Vega Rocket. “SPACE RIDER” is able to return to Earth by itself.

The launch of the Vega Rocket was supposed to take place also in November 2019 from Courou Base in French Guyana. The official launch has deliberately failed. The Mini Shuttle Space Rider was placed in secret on board of Endeavour Space Shuttle that was due to take off attached to Delta 4 Heavy Rocket (Pegasus XL official mission) also from Courou base on Nov. 20th 2019.

Endeavour, Discovery and Atlantis Shuttles were sold by USA to “Space X” Company in 2011 and relocated outside of the US. The shuttles were transported by an aircraft Boeing C17 Globe Master III to the Dutch Guyana and then to the co-operative Republic of Guyana. From there, they were clandestinely transported (one by one) by railway to French Guyana in Courou, from where they are able to take off in secret attached to other rockets.


The Indian module of the PSLV/ XL mission met Endeavour shuttle launched by Pegasus XL Mission (Delta 4 Heavy) on the Moon’s orbit. Using the robotic arm of the shuttle, they put together all the parts of the Lunar platform brought by Endeavour with the circular frame brought by Indian module of PSLV/ XL Rocket. Then the Hydrogen bomb from Indian module of PSLV/ XL was transferred inside the Drone brought by Endeavour. The Drone was mounted in vertical position on the floating cube in the centre of the Lunar Platform.

The Drone was vertically anchored by four thin fixed cables bounded at one end to the top of the drone and the other end to the floating cube.

The cables will detach automatically releasing the drone only before its take off.

The assembly was done by astronauts on board of Endeavour.

After integration in the system, the Lunar platform together with the Drone (and atomic bomb inside the Drone), landed on the Moon on Nov 30th 2019, using the three rocket engines of the Platform. The operation was remotely controlled from the I.S.S. (European Space Agency Module – ESA) using the I.S.S. Antena.

The coordinates of the Drone and the Platform on the Moon are: 88° South/ 29,7° East, 60.7 KM from the Moon’s South Pole.

Afterwards, Endeavour was destroyed in Space.


1. On April 17th 2021, the Drone carrying the Hydrogen Bomb will take off from the Lunar Platform and flies to the Moon’s orbit.
The Lunar Platform will be destroyed on the Moon.
The take off and flight to the Moon’s orbit are remotely controlled from International Space Station (ISS) E.S.A. Module using the big Antena that always has the Moon’s South Pole in range.

2. In the same period (April 16th 2021), the modified Discovery Shuttle (no wings, no altitude control and no landing gear) will take off in secret from Ariane Base in Courou, French Guyana, being attached in secret to Falcon Heavy Rocket which is carrying the Dragon 2 Module.

Officially, Falcon Heavy transports astronauts to ISS and operates flight tests for the Moon mission (in cooperation with NASA). Falcon Heavy was constructed by “SPACE X”.

After reaching the Cosmic Space, Discovery, with the two Boosters Rockets attached (these boosters were officially part of Falcon Heavy’s configuration) will detach from the central rocket Falcon Heavy and will go to the Moon’s orbit where it will meet the Drone.

Discovery will be powered by five (5) rocket engines, three of its own and two boosters of Falcon Heavy. Discovery takes over the Drone and returns to the Earth’s orbit. Then places the Drone on the International Space Station (I.S.S.) at the end of Columbus Module (of E.S.A.) using the robotic arm.

Discovery is then destroyed in Space.

The Americans and Russians from ISS are not able to see the shuttle and the drone because the view is obturated by the Antena and the windows have the view in other direction. The Drone stays on the ISS between 18 and 27 of April 2021.

3. Atlantis Shuttle (modified: no wings, no altitude control and no landing gear) takes off also from Courou base, French Guyana, being attached in secret to Atlas Rocket (with Starliner Module). Atlas Rocket with Starliner Module was constructed by United Launch Alliance at NASA request with the official mission to deliver equipment to the ISS. United Launch Alliance and Space X secretly benefited the necessary technology from Sierra Nevada Corporation, Sierra Technical Services and Northrop Grumman.

Atlantis detaches from Atlas Rocket, takes over the Drone from ISS on April 27th 2021 and launches it from space from 100 km altitude, towards Earth. The Drone will be remotely controlled from Toronto, Canada (using the big Antena of the ISS) in order to glide towards New York City. The Hydrogen bomb will be denotaed over New York City on April 30th 2021.

Starliner Module will land before the bomb is detonated, thus it will not be suspected. Atlantis will also be destroyed in Cosmic Space. Officially, the space shuttle are not in use.


1. ENDEAVOUR took off being attached to Delta 4 Heavy Rocket with Orion Module (built by United Launch Alliance – Boeing and Lockhed Martin) on Nov 20th 2019.

Endeavour reaches the Moon’s orbit.

2. DISCOVERY will take off attached to Falcon Heavy Rocket with Dragon 2 Module (built by Space X) on April 16th 2021. Shuttle will reach the Moon’s orbit, takes over the Drone and the Hydrogen bomb, returns on the Earth’s orbit and places the drone on the International Space Station (ISS).

3. ATLANTIS will take off attached to Atlas Rocket with Starliner Module (BUILT BY United Launch Alliance) on April 27th 2021. The shuttle will reach ISS, takes over the Drone and launches it over New York City.


Wrongly adviced on purpose by his secret services, Vladimir Putin will issue a public nuclear ultimatum for the United States on April 29th 2021, as a response to the presumed American supports for the revolts in Moscow.

In the Russian Secret Services, are infiltrated Persian Caucasian spies like Medvedev and Rogozin (principal spies) and the News Agency Ria Novosti that is controlled by Iran.

 In reality, Putin has no intention to start a nuclear war and the ultimatum is issued only for intimidation purpose aiming to stop the violent riots.

There is an internal agreement in the Russian Defense Council which states that Russia will never start a nuclear war against United States, such an attack being a suicide act. Taking Russia and Putin by surprise, a nuclear bomb will be dropped from the Drone on April 30th 2021, destroying New York. The United States will wrongly consider that Russia is the author of the nuclear attack and gives a nuclear riposte on May 1st 2021 at 8.00 AM.

Russia will also riposte immediately.

This way, Iran will provoke by military and political diversion a NATO – RUSSIA total nuclear war.

The white race will be destroyed by this war with more than 1000 nuclear bombs of one Megatone or more fired against the cities.

The great Orient, Iran and India, will occupy the white men territory.

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