Tehran has activated the plan B II because the plan B I with submarine Pennsylvania and Sindhukesari was revealed.

Plan BII consists in the destruction of the Russian capital Moscow on Dec. 27th, 2020.

In this mission of diversion and provocation are involved two vessels as follows:

I. An Israelian war ship will lunch a rocket over the Iranian military facilities from Tehran.

This war action has the official purpose to destroy the uranium enrichment facilities belonging to Iran.

II. The second vessel is the Indian submarine INS Sindhuvir (S58) weighing 3076T, made in Russia.

The Indian submarine INS Sindhuvir (S58) has received in secret technology from the companies General Dynamic Electric Boat and General Electric (through Israel).

This way, an upgraded electric generator and batteries have been mounted on it.

In the same time Sindhuvir (S58) was adapted to lunch nuclear missiles from the area of Karach city in Pakistan towards Moscow.

In this purpose a secret technology transfer was done from the companies Northrop Grumman,  Orbital ATK, Boeing Lockhed Martin, General Dynamic Electric Boat.

This companies are controlled and financed in secret by Iran and India, it’s Ally.

Nuclear missiles lunching tubes were mounted to the Indian submarine. The lunching guiding systems for nuclear missiles have been mounted on board. They are compatible with the remote-control system from the ground.

The flight control room is in the tallest building from the city of Riga, Latvia.

The ground remote control system uses the antenna on international space station (ISS) from European space agency module Columbus.

European Space Agency and the ARIANE program are financed in secret by Tehran.

The Indian nuclear missile is in fact a Hypersonic drone that carries a nuclear weapon. It has angle adjustable wings. In the upper part it has aerodynamic brakes.  The propulsion is fueled with ethylic alcohol and oxygenated water (perhydrol) in order to leave a very low thermic footprint compared to the Israelian missile.

The drone (made by Northrop Grumman, Lockhed Martin Boeing, Orbittal ATK) uses highly advanced stealth technology that makes it almost undetectable by Russian defense system.

The American Army missile did not receive yes this technology from the above mentioned companies, the financing being postponed on purpose due to various pretexts.  

After it climbs to the orbital area (100Km altitude) the drone starts the descent, reenters the atmosphere,  it gradually opens the wings and activates the aerodynamic brakes.

It is remotely controlled from Riga, Lativa (via ISS antenna, ESA Colombus Module). Its target is Moscow.

The descent is done by gliding with no engine in order not to be thermo-detected.

The technical modification of the submarine Sindhuvir (S58) were done in Karach, Pakistan.

This submarine is officially registered as transferred in Myanmar and dismantled.

In reality, it is now in Karach, Pakistan.

III. The common Mission of diversion for the two vessels is planned by Iran.

The Israelian vessels, probably an Israelian submarine, equipped with American missiles will be very near to the Indian Sindhuvir (S58) in the area of the Oman Gulf.

Then they synchronize to lunch simultaneously one missile each, as follows:

– The Israelian vessel (allied with USA) will lunch a missile against Iran from the Guld of Oman).

This missile will be very little detectable on radars and infrared (because it runs with solid fuel). 

It’s role (according to the Iranian Plan) is to cover the second missile (the drone) launched by the Indian submarine Sindhuvir (S58).

The two missiles have parallel ascending paths.

– The missile from the Indian submarine , that has a very low thermic footprint compared with the Israelian one is undetectable by the Russian defense system.

The Indian missile (The drone) will use the blinding caused by the Israelian missile (made in USA) to the Russian thermodetective systems, it escapes the interception of the Russian antimissile shield and goes towards Moscow.

The atomic bomb will explode above Moscow and the city will be completely destroyed.

The Russian military will notice only one missile of uncertain origin, Israelian or American, that will destroy a nuclear facility in Iran.

In short time, a nuclear bomb will destroy Moscow.

Russia will conclude that USA started a nuclear war against Russia.

The leader of the security council in Russia is the Persian origin Dimitri Medvedev.

Medvedev will use ( according to Iran diversion plan) the Iranian facility attack and the destruction of Moscow as a pretext to start a nuclear war.

Russia will lunch nuclear weapons against USA and NATO member countries.

USA will retaliate immediately deploying the nuclear attack against Russia.

The Covid vaccine contains in reality Rabies infected rat saliva. This is a biological weapon made in India at the order of Iran.

The farms that raise the rabies infected rats are located in India and in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

This way, the nuclear war combines with the biological war.

The militaries from NATO and Russia that were inoculated with rabies and will participate to the nuclear war provoked by Iran, will have serious confusion, fury, delirium, convulsive symptoms on Dec , 27th 2020.

Dimitri Medvedev is from a Caucasian country (from the former Persian empire), and is Iranian Agent that receives orders straight from Tehran.

Kamala Haris has Indian origins and she is an Iranian agent.

Medvedev and Kamala Haris will lead the confrontation between Russia and NATO, to the complete destroy each other according to the instructions received from Tehran.

Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin will not be able to execute their prerogatives because they will be in a severe health degradation or even dead on Dec 27th 2020.

This is the diversion used by Iran to provoke the Total NATO-Russia Nuclear War.

In Russia, Putin is surrounded by many Iranian agents originated in the Caucasian republics.

These used to be part of the former Persian Empire but they have been temporary introduced on purpose (by Persians) in the Russian Empire, so the Russians can be controlled from inside by the Iranians.

        Ria Novosti is an agent controlled by Tehran.

Rogozin has origin in Chechnya and he is an Iranian agent.

Amongst the leaders of the Russian army are the gay officers that are recruited by the secret Iranian agents. All of them are Iranian agents from Russia, they plan a vital role in the complete nuclear bombing of the USA.

Emergency measures that must be taken by NATO and Russia:

1. Immediately stop vaccination with rabies  germs ( covid vaccine)

2. Replace from command the Russian and the American militaries that have been inoculated with the covid vaccine ( in reality with rabies)

3. Evacuate the big cities. They will be atomic bombed.

4. Replace Dimitri Medvedev and Kamala Haris from the command of Russia and America.

5. The military capacity of India and Iran must be Annihilated.

6. If the first symptoms of rabies appear to the NATO and Russia militaries, Iran and India must be military annihilated before the severe symptoms of confusion, delirium, convulsion installs.  If these severe symptoms occurs, it means the Russian and USA army do not exist any more.

7. China must defend Europe and USA from the invasion of the Indian and Iranian tanks.

8. Iran has planned in the future the destruction of China in a similar way.

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