The Blue Origin company owned by Jeff Bezos will execute a mission with 2 drones built in secret, covered by the official New Glenn programme.

The Blue Origin company owned by Jeff Bezos will execute a mission with 2 drones built in secret, covered by the official New Glenn programme.

The drones having nuclear bombs on board will take off in secret from Amazonian forest of Cooperative Republic of Guyana. The Launching ramp is most probably in a deforested area on the border with Suriname, area that is disputed between the 2 countries.

The launching point name is Oronoque kamp.

The drone (drones) will take off and will be placed on the orbit at 100 km altitude.

The drone will be remotely controlled from the ground through the satellite parabolic Sentinel – 6A antenna. The drone will be directed to the Russian capital Moscow, above which one megatone atomic bomb will be detonated. Moscow will be completely destroyed.

The Satelite Sentinel has the official mission to study the oceanography. Sentinel is placed on the orbit in the month of January 2021 by the rocket Falcon, built by Space X owned by Elon Musk.

Falcon rocket transports on the orbit, besides the Sentinel Satelite, other 2 drones with nuclear bombs on board and will place them on the Earth’s orbit standing by.

The 2 drones with nuclear bombs on board are secretly attached to the rocket Falcon instead of the 2 lateral boosters(the lateral boosters are dismantled).

It is possible that Falcon 9 mission to take off or to land (with retrojets) from Courou – French Guyana in the same time with the secret mission New Glenn from Co-operative Republic of Guyana, in order to mask the thermic foot print of New Glenn.

If the two rockets New Glenn, Falcon Heavy, the Sun and the Russian infrared detector satellite are situated on the same line. The Russian infrared shield will not detect the take off of New Glenn rocket.

Sentinel has Leonardo technology on board and will be part of Copernicus observation system.  

The hypersonic drones use alcohol and oxygenated water as fuel, in order to have a very low thermic footprint.

They have angle adjustable wings and highly advanced stealth technology, compared to the other American rockets.

In the same time, it is possible that a submarine will launch a missile that will provoke a state of war between NATO and Russia. This submarine can be Georgia Submarine or the Israelian Submarine INS Dragon.

The provocation done by an American vessel depends on the moment when Kamala Haris gets in the possession of the code from the nuclear suitcase. Kamala Haris is an Iranian spy and is part of the diversion plan.

It is very important the fact that just a part of the Russian officers and American officers have done the Rapel of the Covid vaccine.

This Rapel contains rabies virus (it is a biological weapon made by India at Iran’s order). 

Soon, the rabies’ symptoms appear and they are: fury, delirium and hallucinations. On top of all this, the internal disorder will install. This is provoked by the transfer of power from the White House that is smartly orchestrated by the agents of Tehran.

This is the Tehran last plan to start by diversion NATO-Russia nuclear war.

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