Tehran destroys Moscow, the capital of Russia, with a nuclear bomb on December 26th 2020.

In this diversion mission, there are involved the following two submarines. The Indian submarine Sindhuvir (S58) and the Israelian submarine INS DRAGON.

They will be very close to each other in the Gulf of Oman.

The two submarines will synchronize to launch one missile each in the same time, as follows:

– INS DRAGON launches a missile over the Iranian nuclear base in fordow.

– INS SINDHUVIR (S58) launches in the same time a low thermic footprint stealth missile.

The SINDHUVIR launches missile is in fact a hypersonic drone using alcohol and oxygenated water (Perhidrol), as jet propulsion with a very low thermic footprint (much lower than the Israelian one).

– It has angle adjustable wings
– Aerodynamic brakes
– It uses last generation stealth technology
– It is built by: Thales Alenia, Northrop Grumman, Boeing Lockhed Martin.

The Indian drone launched from Sindhuvir has received in secret technology from above mentioned companies through Israel.

These companies are financed and controlled by Iran.

Officially, SINDHUVIR is located in Mianmar and it is not in use. In reality, it stands by, ready for action, in Karach, Pakistan.

– On the ascendent trajectory, in the area of Iran, the Indian drone will have a trajectory parallel and close to the Israelian missile that has a high thermic footprint.

This way, the Indian drone carrying the nuclear bomb on board, will be covered by the Israelian missile. It will leave the area of Iran, will climb up to 100 km altitude and will head towards Moscow.

The Russian infrared detectors will be blinded by the explosion in Fordow, Iran. They will not detect the ascension of the drone.

The Russian or Iranian officers that operate the Iranian antimissile shield are secret agents of Tehran.

They will disconnect the infrared sensor cooling system from the shield (made in Russia). They will also disactivate the alarm that senses the lack of ultracold temperature. 

The Russian made shield will not detect the Israelian missile and this will hit the nuclear facility in Fordow (as part of the plan).

The same thing will happen in Moscow. A Russian officer (he is Iranian secret agent) that operates the antimissile defensive Russian shield, will disconnect (by an act of betrayal) the infrared detector cooling system. Thus way, the detector loses sensitivity.

The shield that defences Moscow will not thermo detect the drone anymore.  

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