Tehran will bomb Moscow with nuclear bombs on Dec.26.2020 also from earth orbit.

               Tehran will lunch tow (2) drones in the same time with the two drones from the Indian submarine Sindhuvir. The drones are all similar (1,25m in diameter, 8,2m long).

               The two more drones are lunched on the Earth’s orbit by the rocket Falcon Heavy built by SPACE-X  (owned by Elon Musk) Elon Musk is an Iranian secret agent.

               Officially the rocket Falcon Heavy carries equipment and crow to the international space station (I.S.S.) by the Dragon module.

               More over it performs military haulage for the US army. The rocket Falcon Heavy takes off from Courou base in Franch Buyana.

               Instead of the tow lateral boosters, Falcon Heavy has secretly attached two drones. Then the mission will develop as follows:

               Version 1 ) The drones will be detached from the Falcon rocket (the two drones are traveling clandestine instead of the tow lateral boosters) and will be attached to ESA module on ISS.

After the Falcon rocket and Dragon capsule has landed, the drones will be detached from ESA module on I.S.S. and will be guided to Moscow.

               Version 2) After the mission on ISS the drones will be detached from Falcon rocket. In order for the Falcon rocket no to be suspicious to the USA and Russia, the drones will orbit the earth for a while, after the Falcon rocket ( Dragon module ) has landed.

Then the two drones, each one equipped with one nuclear bomb of one mega tone, will be directed from Earth orbit to Moscow.

Overall Moscow will be hit by four nuclear bombs in the same time. Two from the Indian submarine Sindhuvir and two from the Falcon Heavy rocket.

The drones will be remote controlled from the ground to Moscow.

The remote control station is located in Riga Lalvia  (University tall-building) and from Kiev Ukraine.

The remote control system uses the antenna from ISS-European Space Agency, Columbus module.

The Ariane program is financed and controlled in secret by Iranian through the company Allianz.

The surveillance system Copernicus and Maxar Technologies will be obturated or deviated from their vigilant course.

This way NATO will not detect the drones.

This operation is done by Iranian agents from US Army as an act of sabotage.

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