The financial sect that rules indirectly all the states in the world in secret is located at Tehran. Iran is behind the well-known Mondial Occulta that everybody heard of but didn’t realize who is the leader. Tehran Financial Sect established the Masonic fraternities. Iran rules the Masonry from the shadow with the help of some intermediary people.

I. On principle, a population wouldn’t accept to be ruled by foreigners because people of a certain race respond with rejection towards foreigners. In every country, there is a minority of the same ethnicity people that look the same as the rest of the population, have a physical and intellectual capacity as the majority; what makes them different compared to the rest of the population is their behaviour when it comes to intimate relationships.

The rejection towards this minority is similar to the one showed to the foreigners, their sexual behaviour being considered embarrassing and shameful. We are talking about gay people.

They are feeling like strangers in their own countries because of all negative reactions and discriminations coming from the majority.

The Financial Sect from Tehran is taking advantage of this social inadaptability, persecution and denigration of gay people by offering them protection.

Therefore, the gay people accept the advantages given by Tehran Financial Sect:

– Social rights like: Gay Parade, officiating same sex marriages, children adoption for gay couples;
– Financial benefits;
– Career promotions;
– Sexual comfort – dedicated gay clubs

In return, gay people become their trusted servants following the orders coming from their secret protector from Tehran and involuntarily work against their own countries’ interest.

Thus, the homosexuals form the global financial trust which is led by the Iranian Financial Sect, consisting of:

– Central Bank’s Governor
– Managers of:
• Investment Funds
• Money Market Funds
• Hedge Funds
• Market Maker Broker – Dealer
• Stock Exchange
• Investment Banks
• Insurance Company
• Commercial Banks and others

In secret, Tehran Financial Sect has total control over the primary Dealers. Primary Dealers are those who those financial companies, first hand buyers of treasuries (T-Bills, T- Notes, T – Bonds) issued by the Governments. Tehran has the total monopoly over the open market operations. The Reserve Bank of New York, totally controlled by Tehran, buys the domestic treasury bills from the same Primary Dealers for some huge amount of money by which they pretend to supply the economy.

For example, the Primary Dealer was, in 2013, Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO), part of Goldman Sachs Group.

Goldman Sachs is the bank from the top of the Pyramidal Trust and is used by Tehran to control the worldwide Global Financial System.

Since ages, the Persians (ruled by the Shah of Persia) are those who set up the central banks in all empires.

They are the only ones who know the exact amount of money that need to exist in an economy in order to have full employment, to stabilize the products and services’ prices (real inflation is between 1,8 – 6% per year), to make affordable household credit loans possible (interest rate 2,5 – 7% per year).

Within these parameters, the economic development of any empire would be at maximum potential. The Persians also know the financial mechanisms that freeze the economy, increase the unemployment and create financial crisis that can ruin an empire or state.

The central Bank of USA, Federal Reserve, has the main role to print a new amount of money every year, so that the entire quantity of money existing in the market would keep up with the economy growth, more exactly with the new amount of goods and services that are annually created in the society measured by GDP.

Using this pretext (technically correct), the FED, ruled by Tehran, is printing a double quantity of money than the one necessary to maintain the price stability in the economy. This way, they create inflation.

Therefore, during the times of financial crisis (2012), PIMCO was cashing in from FED huge quantity of new printed money, creating, on the other hand, inflation in society meaning more money devaluation in proportion to products and services. In short, this amount of money cashed in by Primary Dealers is equal with the amount of money lost by the citizens that found their savings devaluated by the annual inflation rate. Using this technique, the Persians use the Central Banks of all States for their own purpose.

II.      There is a large network of (urology) doctors who work for the Iranian Secret Services as recruiters, having the mission to identify homosexuals since their childhood and to report the data to their superiors.

Having databases about gay people, Tehran makes sure they are getting career promotions, so they can be placed in top positions of all fields: politics, secret services, finance, army.

For example, a blond English or American man that looks like an Anglo-Saxon and has a high politically or military position would inspire trust to his compatriots and wouldn’t rise any suspicions. However, by being homosexual, he follows strictly the orders coming indirectly from their Iranian protector, without being aware.

Iran will always be in the shadow, being covered by the homosexuals. At their turn, the homosexuals are covered and protected by Masonry.

In this way, over the centuries, the white people were deprived from their wealth and their companies, getting to a point they can no longer control the society.

All multifunctional companies and firms from Europe and USA listed at the Stock Exchange are owned in secret by the Sect from Tehran, through the Investment Funds, Funds of Funds, Hedge Funds, anonymous funds that don’t need to reveal the name of the owners, by law.

These funds have their headquarters in fiscal paradises, located on some islands where the Police and Financial Authorities have no right to investigate them.

White people from Europe, USA, Canada, lost their sovereignty, being dispossessed from their capital and now are just some populations that fill a very precious territory considering its climate. 

Iran and India want this territory for themselves. This population only needs to be exterminated on May 1st 2021, during the Nuclear War planned by Iran and his ally, India (which is the second world leader).

This way, Iran and India (the Great Orient) will take the white people’s place, creating a war that has only a territorial purpose.

In the following, there will be illustrated the Global Finance Scheme which, in Kabala, is called “the Sephirotic Tree”.

Kabala is the key to decode the old Testament. 



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