Tehran plan 4 (b)

INS Tanin (Dolphin Class) will launch a Drone with one megaton Neutron bomb on board toward Washington U.S.A. on 30 April 2021.

INS Tanin will launch the Drone from nearby Bering Strait on Arctic Circle (66° latitude North).

This is a diversion planed by Iran in order to provoke a nuclear war between Nato – Russia

Post Scriptum:

It is possible that the nuclear bomb carried by the Drone on INS Tanin (Dolphin class) launched from the Bering Strait area (on the artic circle) to hit Moscow.

In this case, the destroy of Moscow has to look as an American counterstrike as retaliation to the destruction of the City of Washington by the submarine INS Dragon ( see Tehran plane 4 ).
This way, the incitement of Iran will be double because both capital cities are hit.
USA and Russia will blame each other for the destruction of their own capitals.

It is possible that INS Tanin to launch the Drone in the same time with an exercise launch missile of the Russian marine in the Arctic Circle area nearby Bering Strait.

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