1000 big cities from the NATO countries, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine will be nuclear bombed during the nuclear war.

During this nuclear bombing, almost 50% of the population of the two military blocks will be killed.
The survivors will be deported in the following emerging countries: India, Brazil, China, South Africa.

The pretext of the evacuation of Europe, Russia, USA and Canada’s territories will be the danger of irradiation.

In reality, the majority of the bombs will be “neutron bombs” that are clean bombs (97% of their energy is given by the nuclear fusion reaction that produces no radioactive residues).
This way, Iran and India will invade and settle on the evacuated territories.

The survivors will live in the above-mentioned emerging countries, India, Brazil, China, South Africa, at the seaside, in camps made of tents or containers, without entering the interior of these countries under the (artificial) pretext of the COVID quarantine. From these nuclear holocaust survivor camps, after a transit time (one month to two years), will be gradually deported in Congo (Zaire), Africa, on the shore of Tanganyika Lake, where the white race survivor pogrom will take place.

It is very important for Iran that the Chinese authorities from Beijing not to be informed about Congo (Zaire) white race pogrom. That’s because the Chinese people will have the same fate after few years. The Arian-Iran pure race must occupy the whole world.
Iran has done a lower scale experiment to test how the white people killing by the Africans can be realized.

They did it in Rwanda in 1994 with “positive” results. Almost 900.000 people were killed in two months.

One part of the atomic war survivors (only the female population) below 25 years old and the boys below 15 years old will be transported in South Africa and in different African countries, in order to create a metis race by mixing with the African population. This is the initial plan of Iran to destroy the white race.

If this plan will not take place because of its denouncement, Iran has another silent and slow extinction plan by sterilizing the white male population with the help of COVID vaccine. This plan conceived by Iran imposes that, in case the NATO countries and Russia cannot be provoked to a self-destructive nuclear war on May 1st 2021, then the white race will be slowly extinct by affecting the masculine genital organs (the testicles) by a substance that is secretly blended in COVID vaccine (made by India, at Iran orders).

For the people other than the white race, the vaccine does not contain the male sterilizing substance.

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