1000 big cities will be destroyed by 1000 nuclear bombs.

This was is organized and provoked by Iran and it’s scope is the destruction of the white race and to take over of their territory by Iran and India. (Iran’s Ally)

During this nuclear war, Iran’s collaborators will be killed as follows:

A) All the homosexuals holding key positions in NATO countries and Russia that fight unwillingly under foreign flag as the global guard of the Ayatolah, will be killed.

B) All the masons holding key positions in the state army and fiancé and fulfill entirely the orders of the great architect which is the Shah (Ayatolah)  of Iran will be killed. The masonic brotherhoods have been founded and controlled by Tehran.

C) All the Jewish people from USA, Canada , Europe, Russia , Belarus will be killed because the nuclear bombs will target 1000 big cities from Nato and Russia. The number of Jewish killed in these countries will be 95% of all Jewish (because the Jewish people live in cities and less of them live in the country side)

God of Israel, do not cares too much about the CHOSEN PEOPLE, having them mass killed when he does not need them anymore.

Iran considers that the Jews are mixed with white people, their DNS is 70% white and only 30% oriental.
The state of Israel has been founded in 1948 just to protect one part of the Jewish with higher oriental ethnic purity from the nuclear war in order to use them in the financial colonization of China.

These jews from Israel are protected (Iran takes care of Israel not to be nuclear bombed by Russia-Nato), in order to financially invade China and use them as interface between Iran and China in financial matters.

All the jews from the White House do not know that they will be the first victims of the nuclear war on May 1st 2021 planned by Iran, but executed by the Jewish leaders of the American State.

The masonic organizations from USA, Europe, Canada, Russia do not know the rapel  (covid vaccine) contains a DNA sequence of the rabies virus. This rapel is inoculated to the officers of NATO and Russia armies in order to take irresponsible military decision during NATO – RUSSIA crises on 30.04-01.05.2021.

We remind you on April 30th 2021, Iran has planned (initially) the destroy of one American metropolis (New York) with one nuclear bomb. This will lead to the start of the nuclear war.

The DNA sequence of rabies virus delivers lack of logic thinking, confusion, and fury. (shortly: madness) without the classical rabies symptoms ( that will disclose probably the presence of the virus in the human body).

Through the so called insurrection from the Capitol, they managed to compromise the mandate of Donald Trump that had the slogan “White race supremacy” (this slogan was induced by the Persian agents).

This way nobody can argue that under Biden administration all the executive positions from the White House are occupied by ethnic jews.

These jews will be used by Iran to orchestrate and provoke the Nato-Russia nuclear war on May 1st 2021.

Secretary of treasury – Janet Yellen

Attorney General – Marrik Garland

Secretary of home land security – Alejandro Mayorkas

Director of National Intelligence – Avril Haines

White House chief of staff – Ron Klain

Secretary of state – Antony Blinken

Deputy secretary of state – Wendy Sherman

Secretary of state for political affairs – Victoria Nuland

The office of science and technology policy – Eric Lander

Director of central Intelligence Agency – David S Cohen

The date WW III starts is May 1st 2021, and has been chosen from the following reasons:

– No.1 leading the world – Iran = α (alfa = aleph ) = father and

-No.2 leading the world – India = β ( βeta = βeth) = holly goast

So, this date contains the numbers 1 and 2 (alfaβeth )

Century   21

Year         21

Day        121          ( 1st May)

Since when the division of white race in two antagonist camps started?

Two books have been written by Iran in order to create two antagonist ideologies to create two social antagonist systems: the communism and the capitalism.

For the communism was written “The capital” by Marx and for the capitalism “The wealth of nations” attributed to Adam Smith in 1776.

In reality it was published in 1904 by Edwin Cannan.

In reality both of the books were conceived by Persian writers.

By creating two total different ideologies inside the white race where one supports the workers and the other one supports the capitalist , an artificial ideologic hate was created between NATO and Russia that has turned into the cold war.

The cold war consists in a nuclear arm race that has official scope the defending of one social system from the other.

The real scope of the arm race was building a huge amount of nuclear weapons that will be used in the end to reciprocal destroy of the two military and ideologic blocks on May 1st 2021.

This was the reason the white race was divided in the two military and ideologic blocks ( by the financial sect from Iran).

The stages that leads Russia in state of nuclear war (The destabilization of Russia by Iran)

1 – Corona Virus

2 – The decrease of economic activity of all the states

3 – Economic sanctions imposed by the Occident to Russia by the pretext of Navalny and Crimeea.

4 – The artificial maintenance of a low oil price by stock market maneuvers explained before in the “Stock exchange manipulation “chapter. This thing is done in order for Russia to have a very low income in USD currency .

5 – The fall of the Russian bonds at the stock market and the rise of the interest rate to the new loans given to Russia ( through the Stock Exchange mechanism explained in the “Stock exchange manipulation” Chapter from the site: www.masterofchess.info

6- The issuing by rating  companies (controlled by Tehran) of low ratings to the Russian bonds.

7 – The 30 years credits that reach maturity do not get rolled over

8 – Russia gets into credit default and the Rubla collapses.

9 – The lack of base products in the Russian shops

10 – Massive popular riots and street fight between the population and the authorities ( these are orchestrated by Tehran with the help of Iranian agents that mobilize the protestors on the internet.

11 – Putin publicly denounce the involvement of the occidental secret services in the destabilization of the government from Moscow.

Putin blames it wrongly on the Occident. The real author of the rebellion against Putin is the Orient (Iran, India,Israel).

12 – Putin gives an ultimatum on the TV on April 29th 2021 to the NATO countries to retreat the protestors from the Russian cities.

He threatens with nuclear war. In reality the threat is just for intimidation, he never having the intention of a nuclear attack against NATO.

This would be a suicidal gesture. The ultimatum is given at the advice of his consiglieres that are Iranian agents.

13 – On April 30th 2021 the Iranian drone lunches in secret an H bomb of one megaton over an American city ( the initial plan was for New York but Iran can modify the plan after its deconsipration).

The drone can be lunched according to the initial plan ( Atlantis Shuttle) or the reserve plans described on the site: www.masterofchess.info (INS Sindukesari, INS Sindhuvir, INS Dragon, HMS Vanguard, SpaceX, Blue Origin, United Launch Alliance).

14- On May 1st 2021, USA retaliates thinking wrongly it has been attacked by nuclear weapon from Russia. The Nato – Russia nuclear war starts (organized and provoked by Iran)

The stages of driving the military officer into mental illness (madness) favorable to a self destructive nuclear war

1. Corona Virus

2. Corona Virus Vaccine – Rapel. It is in fact an injection that contains the rabies virus.

3. Mental alienation and fury (angry)

4. Atomic war

The biggest fear of the mankind in our days is the fear of nuclear war.

Iran has considered the consciously start of a nuclear war is not possible but only by the degradation of the mental state of the army leaders.

In order to downgrade the mental health of the officers, these are inoculated (using the pretext of covid vaccine) with the DNA sequence of the rabies virus that delivers confusion, lack of logic, fury (madness).

Pakistan has been artificially taken away from India in order to form two antagonist camps.

Between these two camps a state of war has been induced.

Iran has promoted (financed) the Muslim religion in the west of India and a Hindu religion in the east of India.

Then a religious hate is simulated and the country gets divided in two by tearing apart of the west side of India, called Pakistan (1947).

This way, the war set up by Iran between India and Pakistan looks like a religious war. The international community and the great powers have been miss-leaded by this trick thus India and Pakistan are justified to become nuclear powers. ( Nuclear tests of both countries in 1998)

Their argument for building the nuclear bombs is to protect one form each other.

In reality , India and Pakistan continue to be one single country with one leadership. This thing is known only by the leaders on top of the state , by religions leaders from India and Pakistan and by Iran, who initiated this division.

At the population level, this thing is top secret. This way Iran / India / Israel, the world leading trinity, managed to become nuclear powers without Nato, Russia and China to know the true reason. (Iran secretly owns nuclear weapons).

The main reason is that Iran India Israel to have enough amount of nuclear weapons in order to counterbalance the nuclear power of China in the future. (After self destroying war between the two actual powers NATO-Russia on 1st May 2021)

Officially, Iran and Israel are enemies. In reality , Iran and Israel are allies for thousands of years (semit people).

All their actions are done in common. This thing is top secret and it’s know only by people in top positions of the two sates and religious leaders.

The people of the two countries do not know this thing.

Iran is the master of Israel and Israel is the executant on financial and political matters.

This setup is being made only to induce a conflict between the two camps: Russia and Nato.

Israel is protected by USA and Iran is protected by Russia.

Iran and Israel Will create a conflict between them just to attract their protectors -USA and Russia into conflict. In this conflict Iran is also protected by China .

We remind you the financial trinity that leads the world in secret is Iran-India-Israel.

India is directly subordinated to Iran (only at the top)

Israel is subordinated directly to Iran (only at the top)

Between India and Israel there is no subordination relation but only collaboration.

(only at the top of the states in order to fulfill Iran’s orders)

This way, Iran Leads at the top: Washington, Brussels, Moscow ( through the agents around Putin), Beijing (through the persian agents and through masonic type brotherhoods from Hong Kong) and all the other capitals of the world.

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